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Gmail is down again as service experiences another outage causing ‘Address not found’ error

Gmail is down again as service experiences another outage causing ‘Address not found’ error

Gmail users are experiencing issues with the service, just one day after a number of Google’s services were hit with a major outage.

Downdetector, which monitors websites and online services, shows reports started around 3pm ET and are spread out across the world.

Gmail is down

Source: Down Detector

Users are able to access their inboxes but are receiving bounce back messages saying ’email account does not exist’ when emailing another Gmail account.

Google confessed, “We’re aware of a problem with Gmail affecting a significant subset of users. The affected users are able to access Gmail but are seeing error messages, high latency, and/or other unexpected behavior. We will provide an update by 12/15/20, 5:30 PM [Eastern US]detailing when we expect to resolve the problem. Please note that this resolution time is an estimate and may change.”

The problems follow Monday’s massive Google outage that left millions of people around the world in disarray when the Google-owned family of apps crashed worldwide.

Gmail outage bounce message

Gmail has around 1.5 billion users worldwide and the outage hit towards the end of the workday, leaving employees unable to finish their work completely – and many flocked to Twitter to share their frustrations. Some users seemed shocked at Gmail not working properly due to the massive outage Google experienced earlier in the week.

Google is not the only big tech company that is heavily relied upon – Facebook is another major tech company that regularly has connectivity problems.

Messenger, Facebook and Instagram went down for four hours on Thursday that not only blocked people from communicating, but also influencers and companies from generating an income.

However, Google’s and Facebook’s issues are just the tip of the iceberg for problems that are hitting ‘Big Tech.’

Last week, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed a lawsuit against Facebook, along with a coalition of 46 states, Washington DC and Guam.

The groups accuse Facebook and its family of ultra-popular apps of illegally acquiring its competitors in a ‘predatory’ manner in order to dominate the market and running an illegal monopoly.

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