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8 Best Websites To Sell Your Website

8 Best Websites To Sell Your Website

WebsiteBroker accepts both domain names and complete web sites. Web sites can be listed for 90-days for $9.95, or $29.95 for a premium listing that gains you additional exposure. There is no commissions charged on completed listings but it does take a few days to get approved.


Digital Point

At digital point you must now get 3 likes on your posts from established members before you can sell. This is harder than it sounds. We only got 2.

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BSA Auctions

BSA Auctions< looks a lot like Flippa, it also charges users to sell a website. With $50 in free credits to every new user, it is surprising more people do not use this site. Valult

Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum is a large internet marketing forum which originated in 1997. It is not the easiest of user interfaces but good if you are used to using a forum.

Warrior Forum

Here you can sell your website for free. All you have to do is to create a free account and start selling your websites right away.


A free to list website with no fees for selling.

Flippa has sold millions of websites, it has been critiqued by a lot of unhappy buyers who end up paying a lot of money for a cheap cookie cutter website. There is no doubt that this is a premium marketplace with expensive listing fees.


More geared towards domains, it does have some good ones too. It also sells websites with content.

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