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LastPass and ExpressVPN – A Collaboration of Increased Security Offerings

LastPass and ExpressVPN – A Collaboration of Increased Security Offerings

One cannot overemphasize the need for tighter cybersecurity measures in the current cyberspace. Just last year, businesses and individuals recorded financial losses to the tune of 3.5 Billion US Dollars. This vast amount was computed to be from a total of 467,351 cases reported by both businesses and individuals. In the following order, the cybercrimes with the highest losses recorded per category are:

  • Business and personal email account compromise (over 1.7 billion USD);
  • Romance scams (over 475 million USD) and;
  • Spoofing (over 300 million USD).

It is pertinent to note that the data mentioned above is only a compilation of reported cases in the FBI’s Internet Crime Report of 2019. Several other issues, especially romance scams, would have gone unreported out of fear or embarrassment on the victims’ part.

ExpressVPN and LastPass Collaboration

The negative financial and possibly psychological impact these cyberattacks have on individuals and organizations call for urgent and strict measures to meet the ever-increasing wave of attacks on these entities.

This need then led two stakeholders in the cybersecurity business, LastPass and ExpressVPN to announce a partnership. This partnership would see Lastpass premium subscribers enjoy free, one-month access to ExpressVPN features, after which they can then pay to enjoy ExpressVPN’s offerings.

Benefits of Password Managers and VPNs

Password managers are by no chance foreign to Internet users. They are used by many to generate unique passwords for different accounts and also store these passwords in a vault. The owner can retrieve these passwords later with the use of a single master password, which allows access to the others.

In addition to popular conceptions about using VPNs, which is to mask a user’s IP address, these applications also provide data security by encrypting the network data as it travels from the host’s device to the server.

Significance of this Partnership

Asides from the intended benefits these companies seek to offer their customers, this partnership further highlights the importance of cybersecurity in our society. It also draws attention to two primary security modus operandi that Internet users should imbibe. The first of them is password security.

Password security entails using complex passwords that cannot be easily guessed from personal information like date of birth, first name, etc. Another is to avoid the use of the same password on several websites. In the event where one gets compromised, so will others. This challenge is what password managers look to solve.

The second modus operandi is conscious data security. It is advisable to stay clear of public networks as they are notorious for harboring several cybersecurity risks such as Man-in-the-middle-attacks and spoofing. Here, malicious elements are placed behind the system to siphon personal data. This also is what VPNs look to solve.

A combination of these two security solutions sure looks like a good one and would prove useful.

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