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7 Steps To A Better Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social Media is becoming a bigger part of social media, here is how you can manage a better social media campaign

Today, a good SEO strategy is incomplete without a social component, and a good social media strategy contributes to your SEO initiative. Here are the top 10 tactics you need to employ in 2012 to maximize your online marketing.

Audit Your SEO

An onsite SEO audit is a great way to start. Without it, it is like going in blind. We recommend TweakDorks SEO audit.

Secure Social Channels

You need a Facebook and Twitter. Google +, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are all increasing in importance not only in search engine algorithms but also in audience reach.

Send content to social channels

Whether you post a new blog and syndicate it via your social channels or simply send a “Good morning!” tweet to your followers, you need to produce and distribute content. Doing so will help to build trust and brand loyalty with your audience while proving to the search engines that you care about your customers; a major indication of credibility.

Add social connect buttons to your site

Allow your visitors to share your content easily with share and connect buttons.

Build an email list

It is easy to offer a subscription service and a great way to increase engagement with your users.

Submit content to your blog

Blog, blog, blog. This is very important

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