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Check Alexa Rank Over Time Chart

Check Alexa Rank Over Time Chart

‎The Alexa rank allows website owners to see how popular their website is in accordance to how much traffic a website receives. With Alexa rank, the lower the number the better. For example only a website like could have a rank under 10. Anything under 100,000 is really good and an indicator that a website is very popular.

You can check the Alexa rank of any website by going to and typing in your domain name. Alexa also offers a paid version to give webmasters more insight into the data collected. There is also now a new Alexa Rank Chart website that let’s a user check the history of their Alexa rank. This is a handy way to analyise website traffic over time. The site logs regular increases and decreases in Alexa rank. It also shows you the exact number the Alexa rank changes by at any given date.

This alexa rank chart checker site is another handy tool for any website owner to check the progress of traffic over time. Along with Google Analytics and Webmaster tools, you will gather all the insight you need to ensure your site is maximizing it’s search engine optimization. Without knowing just how popular your site is, it is like blind seo.

There is also no cost to use this tool so you can gain the historical data of Alexa without purchasing a premium plan from

There are also other ranking tools such as Google’s page rank that gives a score out of ten to a website and was named after Larry Page. There is also Moz’s moz rank which scores sites out of a possible 100 points. These tools are used a lot when a potential advertiser is looking to advertise on a website or a webmaster is looking to purchase a new domain name.

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