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When is the next Google Page Rank update happening?

When is the next Google Page Rank update happening?

We get asked when will Google update page rank in June 2013? Many people though that was going to be an update in May 2013 but May passed and went without any change to Page Rank. Some SEO experts have said that Google is trying to reduce the reliance on Page Rank for its algorithm but it is still a way of yet. For the next couple of years we can expect more Page Rank updates every 2 to 4 months.

Out of all the sites we monitor, we have yet to notice any change. Google’s Matt Cutts said about a week ago that the update was already being rolled out so we expect this update to be lengthy one.

Until then you should focus on making your site more search engine friendly and providing some good content as that will have much more benefit to your Page Rank that reading a post like this.

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