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Top 10 Alternatives to Gmail

Top 10 Alternatives to Gmail

With over 1 billion monthly active users and the might of almighty Google backing it up, Google Mail is definitely not to overlooked. At least not if you require access to other Google-fabulous services like Google Docs, Drive, Hangouts and much more which are lip-synced to your Gmail account and make the wonders of the web gloriously accessible, that is if you don’t mind sharing all your private data with a company not known for best privacy practices.

Best Alternatives to Gmail

At present, Gmail is a great free service. However, they do seem to be cutting back on what they offer for free and if you do have security concerns, feel like expanding the horizons of your experience, or have taken the recent hysteria over the privacy of your personal data very much to heart, then you should be acquainted with this list of the best Gmail alternatives made available to us all by different email providers. While they might be somewhat limited in scope and popularity, won’t be nearly as orgasmic and just might soon have you tearing out handfuls of your hair, they do generally get the job done. Here’s the list; once you finish reading kindly hide it and make sure Google doesn’t see it!



Charming, sleek and capable, one of the best things we love about is the freedom it gives you to choose from gazillions of domain names. Descriptive domain names like, or are certainly within reach with Apart from heart-stirring monikers you also get spam filters, mobile service, a mail collector, unlimited mail storage, an antivirus scan function and a 50MB attachment limit. And did we mention its fab support for the likes of Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo.


2. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail


It seems that reports about the death of the once great Yahoo Mail have been horribly exaggerated. Rather than dead and buried it’s still very much alive and resurgent too, if news about it are to be believed. Extensively modified and upgraded it can be accessed on both mobile devices and PC, and comes with unlimited storage and the ability to import contacts from the likes of Gmail, Facebook, Outlook and lots more besides. As well, its famed Yahoo Instant Messaging service is still delish. With 1TB of storage and tons of radical improvement Yahoo mail now rocks!

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 3. Thexyz



Thexyz works well wide variety of mobile and desktops platforms. On signing up you get encryption out of the box, a generous 25GB of storage and no ads to distract and irritate you. Not to mention a list of rather funky domain names the sort Santa might have forgotten on your porch from which you can pick and choose from. All in all, when you are looking to replace your Gmail account, Thexyz clearly got your back with an automaticm email migration.

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4. Outlook



Specifically made for die-hard Microsoft fanatics Outlook is an email client well worth courting and getting hitched to. It comes with Office Web Apps, as well as Sky Drive for excellent productivity. Flexible as it is, it can be used to send and receive mail from other email accounts, and lets you import and gist with your Facebook homies via messaging. And is also additionally suitable for updating your Facebook status, publishing photos and the like and generally any other Facebook-worthy activity you feel like carrying out. With unlimited storage space, the sky is clearly the limit with Outlook, which clearly makes it worth a hot look. If you are seriously looking for alternatives to Gmail that lets you rock your social media empire you can’t do much better than this.

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5. AOL Mail



Once upon a time, AOL Mail gave quite stiff competition to the likes of Gmail and Yahoo Mail. Those days are not forever gone it seems as AOL Mail still offers excellent value. It has been thoroughly shaken up to make it extra competitive and enchanting, and comes with unlimited storage, and an attachment limit of 25MB. You also get a list of email domain names to choose from, ranging from the functional to the truly funky. All these goodies are free, as are lots of customization options. Which includes seamless access and integration with and to your other email addresses. Talk about efficiency!

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The goodies on offer at includes a 5GB storage limit, and the ability to store, tweak and freely share your photos via an inbuilt photo module. Others include 50MB attachment limit, calendars, photos, reminders and a Notes for jotting down anything that comes to mind. With no ads, as well as spam, virus and malware protection, is a top email client you really need to check out.


7. Tutanota



Of much more recent vintage than its rivals but no less sweet, Tutanota is designed to be as secure as possible. With all manner of governments and intelligence services intent on reading your emails and whatnot Tutanota take care of that by superbly encrypting your mails, contacts and everything else from end to end. When you sign up you also get around five domain names to pick from, 1GB of free storage to store your bag and baggage, and a 25MB file attachment limit. As secure as Fort Knox, surprisingly painless to use and with a rather attractive interface, Tutanota soon makes you start wondering why you and your entire village hadn’t signed up for it.

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8. iCloud Mail



For Apple fans, no email client does it better than iCloud Mail. This beauty seamlessly connects the Apple universe and works with an Apple Email ID. With it, you can flawlessly sync your emails across the endless variety of Apple devices and get nearer to the foretold Apple nirvana. It features a file upload limit of 20MB, 5GB of storage, is ad-free and astoundingly easy to use.

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9. Fast Mail



Minimalistic, simplistic, customizable and uber-capable, Fast Mail got all you need in spades. Ad-free, its anti-spam filter can be tweaked just like you like it. As well, you can set it up so that important emails are always on top of the list where you can easily see them. With Fast Mail, sending automated email invites has never been easier. Additionally, it enthusiastically supports DNS hosting, addressing, aliases, time zones, IMAP/POP3/SMTP and some other exotic acronyms that all translate into fabulous services.

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10. Hushmail


This baby works like a dream on a wide variety of mobile and PC platforms. On signing up you get encryption out of the box, a generous 25GB of storage and no ads to distract and irritate you. Not to mention a list of rather funky domain names the sort Santa might have forgotten on your porch from which you can pick and choose from. All in all, when you are looking to replace your Gmail account, Hushmail clearly got your back.

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While Gmail still rules, a lot of alternatives are still out there offering nearly equal excellent services. If you are one of those earnestly desiring to kick Google out of your life, just want to shake things up, or feel like tasting new tech experiences, then do sign up for a few. They are free, fun and rad. And best of all, I won’t rat on you to Gmail!

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